Our books

Best Local Cookery book in Sweden

Our first cookbook, Drakamöllans kök (Drakamöllan’s kitchen), became a bestseller and was voted Best Local Cookery book in Sweden by the World Gourmand Cookbook Awards. It was also translated into Danish by the publisher Klemati and has enjoyed great success in Denmark under the name Drakamöllans Kökken. In this book, our then chef, Eve Maltais and manor hotel owner Ingalill Thorsell present their best recipes for everyday as well as party food, focusing on spring and summer. There’s also a fascinating history of the manor and life within it, past and present.

Swedish Publishing Prize

In our second cookbook Drakamöllan Kök – Höst och Vinter (Drakamöllan’s kitchen – autumn and winter), Ingalill Thorsell invites you to join her for another exciting journey with flavours, this time focusing on raw produce from Österlen and not least the manor’s own kitchen garden. This book reflects on the rich history of the manor and how it was put to use. Just like previous generations, we must take advantage of what nature offers all around us, whether in the hills and forest or in the vegetable garden. Creating good, honest and thoughtful food from scratch is of the essence. The book won the 2012 Swedish Publishing Prize Gold Medal for Best Swedish cookbook.

Silver Medal Swedish Design Prize

Drakamöllan Publisher’s third book, Drakamöllans Magi (The magic of Drakamöllan) tries to capture the heart and soul of Drakamöllan through its history and nature, the contributions of past generations and the experiences of modern visitors. We also follow the transformation from an old manor to a modern manor house hotel, filled with opera and exciting dining experiences. The book was awarded the Swedish Design Prize Silver Medal in 2013.

The Best of Drakamöllan

The Magical Cuisine of Drakamöllan is our first book in English, addressing a growing international audience. Here we have collected the best from our previous books and added a number of new recipes – modern variations of Swedish classics with ingredients such as lingonberry, herring and bleak roe. Some of these recipes are so intrinsically associated with Drakamöllan that they have almost reached cult status. There is also a special section for Advent and Christmas, as well as exciting insights into the manor’s history. This book has attracted great international attention and we were thrilled when it received the World Gourmand Cookbook Best in the World Award in 2016.

Over the years, we’ve received so much feedback to prove our cookbooks really are used for cooking and aren’t simply decorations. Now that all of our original Swedish books are sold out, we have followed on from the success of Magical Cuisine with a new book in Swedish, Det bästa från Drakamöllans Kök (The best of Drakamöllan’s kitchen), including much-loved recipes from our three previous cookbooks.

Friends of Drakamöllan who have followed our progress over the years can see how our cooking has changed. Today, it is steeped in a strong desire to showcase our amazing local produce and historical traditions. We are proud of our Nordic cuisine – long may this heritage continue! We have also become much more ecologically minded and as a result, our newest recipes are vegetarian. We hope these books will inspire and challenge you to some exciting and productive hours with your pots and pans.