Each meal should be a culinary experience

Food should be sincere and thought-provoking. It should bring pleasure and spread joy. Taste, colour, scent – everything must be in harmony. This is how we’d like our guests to experience our food.

Cherishing our terroir and allowing its soul to be the essence of the Drakamöllan taste experience is something we hold dear.

We are privileged to be located in the heart of Sweden’s premier food region. Österlen is full of exciting growers and food producers who ensure that we have a rich selection of amazing local produce throughout the year. We also grow a lot in our own vegetable garden. Every day we are inspired by the very best that the season has to offer.

The highlight of a stay at Drakamöllan is evening dinner. At the weekend we serve a three-or four-course meal, and in summer you can also choose a simpler alternative. Here we have no ready-made menus. Every day, the chef of the day will sit down with you during afternoon coffee and tell you what he or she is planning to serve that evening. If you have any special requests, we will find a solution to suit you.

Our wines are carefully selected and adapted to our food philosophy. You can read more here.

Drakamöllan is a proud member of Matrundan Österlen, an association of more than 30 members, gathering together the top food contractors in the area.

On the last Sunday of every month at 2pm, our Sunday afternoon events give the general public a chance to enjoy the Drakamöllan kitchen. 450 SEK/per person. Pre-booking is required. We also hold a series of special events throughout the year to which everyone is welcome. For more information, please check our website or contact us.