A beautiful timeless setting

The magnificent moorland surrounding Drakamöllan encompasses unique sandy fields with a multitude of plants and ethereal beech forest, where golden oriole and nightingale breed. Since time immemorial, these grazing grounds have nourished horses, cattle and sheep. Their rolling expanse creates an unbelievable experience of nature that opens and sharpens the senses.

The old manor house and ancient environs combine to create a beautiful and timeless setting. With the sea and endless sandy beaches just a few kilometres away, it really is an oasis for the soul, promoting rest and tranquillity.

Drakamöllan has been a cherished nature reserve since 1962. To preserve its unique nature and special flora and fauna, additional areas have been granted reserve status. Today the reserve encompasses a total of 600 hectares, making it one of the largest protected areas in Skåne. Criss-crossed by well-known hiking trails, Drakamöllan nature reserve welcomes long and refreshing walks, and for those who wish to go further afield, you can continue onto Skåneleden, which passes through.