Exciting, captivating and developing activities

An evening in the kitchen

Conference groups are welcome to cook their own special occasion dinner in our cosy and well-equipped kitchen. Our chefs will create an exciting menu that challenges and gives everyone the opportunity to learn new things. Our chefs will be on hand to help, but it’s up to you to cook the food that you will enjoy together. At the start of the evening, we will offer you a few taste-bud teasers to get your cooking imagination going. And at the end of your culinary experience, you will receive a signed copy of one of our cookbooks to take home. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Become an opera singer for an evening

How many of us have dreamt of being able to sing like an opera singer? How many of us were told by our music teachers that we would simply never make it? At Drakamöllan you have the chance to change that. Under the guidance of our own baritone, Guido Paevatalu, you will learn to master the basic elements of singing. Everyone will be helped to find their own way into the song, together creating a mini concert in which you will experience the magic of performing a piece as a real opera singer. It’s a real energy kick, team building and self-development exercise all at once. And above all, it’s a couple of hours of laughter and joy, in which many also see a whole new side to themselves.

Hike in Drakamöllan nature reserve

The manor is nestled in a stunning nature reserve with a very special flora and fauna. Here grass grows that you can only otherwise find on Siberia’s steppe. Here the oriole has one of its largest premises in Sweden. Rare flowers, butterflies, frogs – yes, the list goes on. And this is all due to the careful preservation of the old pasture landscape, which has largely been untouched since the 17th Century. Today, Icelandic horses and sheep make sure that the land stays open and clear, preserving its character for future generations. Along with a knowledgeable local guide, we can arrange a two-hour hike into the reserve, during which you can learn about the insects, birds, trees and much more. These walks are just as exciting all year round.

Taste and learn about apple wine

Even for those living in Österlen, the secret of the apple wine from Bedstekilde remains a mystery. Over a period of five years’ pioneering work on the farm Mellby 772, Mikael Eliasson and Jan Bertil Andersson have created a centre for producing first-class dry, still and sparkling apple wines right here in Österlen. Their ambition was to make naturally dry wines based on the freshness of the malic acid and reflecting the rich aroma of the apples. And this is turning into a success story, with the wines now available from Systembolaget and in a number of taverns around Sweden. This exciting tasting and learning experience takes just over an hour.