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Drakamöllan Gårdshotell AB
Drakamöllan Väg 105
297 95 Degeberga
Phone + 46 (0) 44-35 10 16
Fax + 46 (0) 44-35 10 17


Drakamöllan is the northernmost outpost of Österlen. We are located 100 km from Malmö and roughly 130 km from Copenhagen. Our closest town is Kristianstad, 50 km to the north, while well-known Ystad is 50 km to the south.

Drakamöllan Gårdshotell is located near Highway 19 about 9 km south of Degeberga and 5 km north of Brösarp. There are large signs on highway 19 directing you to the manor house hotel.

The only road leading to us is from the exit of Highway 19 at the sign “Drakamöllan Gårdshotell”. Follow the narrow gravel road, Drakamöllans väg. About 800 meters after passing the first farm you will find Drakamöllan.

GPS users must enter the full address Drakamöllans väg 105, Degeberga otherwise there is a risk you will be led to another part of the Drakamöllan nature reserve.