Exciting new venture when our Opera Festival
becomes a Culture Festival

Midsommardagen 22 of June, 15-21
“Annandag Midsommar” 23 of June, 12 – 18

In collaboration with Litteraturkanalen, a website and TV channel, Drakamöllan invites you to a rich cultural festival with everything from opera to meetings with exciting profiles in art, literature, politics and science. The days start with a dialogue from the stage. After a one hour break, it is time for opera.

Midsommardagen we get celebrated visits from our neighboring countries
The author couple Linn Ullmann and Niels Fredrik Dahl from Norway, Denmark’s former foreign minister and chairman of the UN’s 70 General Assembly Mogens Lykketoft, the journalist and China expert Mette Holm and the artist Staffan Nihlén are among the premier guests. Mikael Olsson Al Safandi, well-known journalist with a past in SVT and SR moderates the talks.

Exciting Skåne profiles during the festival’s second day
“Annandagmidsommar” is the actor and journalist Rasmus Troedsson who is the moderator. Among the guests are Fredrik Boklund and Martin Persson, who, based in Lund, put Swedish music on the world map, China Åhlander filmmaker known for her Guldbagge for Eat Sleep Die and now currently working on a new film, Lund professor Håkan Wallander and author Jan Sigurd who is currently working on a new book about Fritiof Nilsson.

“Opera Box” and possibility of continued calls during the intermission
It will be a long day so an “opera Box” with a saturating wild boar burger and an exciting salad followed by coffee and cake will taste good. The vegetarian option is a spicy beetroot burger. In order for the conversations from the stage to continue during the break, we will create special “theme tables”.

The Marriage of Figaro – this year’s opera on the hillside
Finally, it is time for a Midsummer wedding in Drakamöllan’s slopes when Susanna gets her Figaro in Mozart’s great classic The Marriage of Figaro. Guido Paevatalu makes sure that it becomes a set of fantastic singers and musicians as always. Conductor Leif Greibe. Everything takes place in a seaside hotel, suitable as we are so close to the sea. Less than three hours the performance lasts with a shorter break.

Cast; Figaro: Joel Kyhle, Susanna: Vibeke Kristensen, Count: Jakob Vad, Countess Signe Manuitt Asmussen, Cherubino: Josefine Andersson, Marzellina: Ulla Kudsk, Bartolo: Guido Paevatalu, Basilio and Don Curizio: Niels Jörgen Riis, Barbarina: Julie Me-Ra , the gardener: Hans Lawaetz.

Tickets and some practical information
The cultural festival takes place outdoors on our opera hillside. The crowd is sitting on the slopes and you are welcome to bring your own chair. Read more here

The cultural festival is carried out in collaboration with the Litteraturkanalen, Musik i Syd and guidOpera.