Our books

Our books

Our two cookbooks, Drakamöllans Kök and Drakamöllans Kök – Höst & Vinter, are filled with love for food, inspired by our very special farmstead and all the locally grown produce.

The idea to make a cookbook based on the food served here at Drakamöllan was born from numerous requests from guests wanting recipes to bring back home. Little did we know what waited down the road but sometimes reality surpasses even your wildest dreams. The first 3000 copies sold out in 3 months.  Later on that year our book was chosen Best Local Cookery book in Sweden 2008.

Our second book Drakamöllans Kök Höst & Vinter was published in 2011. Taking its starting point in September and ending in January this book is a tribute to what grows in our garden and to traditional food served during Swedish holidays with a focus on Advent and Christmas. With the same team responsible for design and photo the book is easily recognized as a publication from Drakamöllan. This book was honored with the Swedish Publishing Price 2011.

Our third book, Drakamöllans Magi, tells the story of the farm and portraits a number of the previous owners, who all, in their very special way, have made foot prints in history and helped shape the very special soul of the place. Drakamöllans Magi also tells the story how Opera came to Drakamöllan, why the surrounding nature reserve is so special and presents the philosophy which governs our cooking.
Our books can be ordered via info@drakamollan.com