Exciting, captivating and stimulating activities

Exciting, captivating and stimulating activities

Cooking night

Conference groups are welcome to gather around the pots and pans to cook an exciting three course dinner based on locally grown produce of the season supervised by two of our chefs. Especially for this evening they have prepared a menu which will challenge you and give everyone a chance to go back home with new knowledge. Our chefs are there to assist and teach you tricks of the trade but divided in teams you do all the cooking.

A guided tour in Drakamöllan
nature reserve

Drakamöllan offers a unique biotope with rolling hills filled with beech trees and a moor landscape that makes you think of Ireland or Scotland. Here you can find a special grass that otherwise only can be found in Siberia. Here the golden oriol has its largest nesting place in Sweden. Butterflies, flowers and frogs, the list of special species can be made very long. And all this because this area has been kept in the traditional way since 1600 never being touched by pesticides. Today Icelandic horses and sheep keep the landscape open. In the company of an experienced guide you will learn about bugs, trees, birds and many other things. An exciting walk any time of the year as long as the ground is not covered by a meter of snow.

Let yourselves be inspired
by a glowing artist

Not far from Drakamöllan one of the leading glass artists in Sweden, Elna Jolom, has her glass mill. Her magical work is often inspired by nature and her beautiful garden. As a conference group you are welcome to test blowing glass and to feel the excitement when the melted glass forms into different shapes. Elna will give an insight into the challenging life of an artist and the importance of focusing in order to let creativity flow. You will have to set aside at least one hour and even better two for this special visit. In Elna´s world time flies.

Opera singer for one night

To able to sing like a real opera singer is a dream many of us share. Perhaps not those of us who were told way back by a teacher to keep quiet when it was time for singing. But there is hope! This evening can change everything. Our Opera manager Guido Paevatalu will teach you to master the elements of singing. Everyone will be able to find their own path into singing. Together you will prepare for a mini concert and share the feeling of preforming like a “real” opera choir. We promise a real energy booster, team building and personal development all at once. But most of all a couple of hours of joy and laughter where you will discover new sides of yourselves.

Swedish antiques

Spend some memorable hours meeting with Jan Erik Öhgren, one of the leading antique dealers in Sweden and a great connoisseur of Gustavian furniture and other antiques. Jan-Erik invites us to visit his unique shop and also his private home, telling us about all the spectacular objects in his collections giving us an interesting insight into life in the old days.

Relax with golf

Drakamöllan is situated in the heart of the Swedish golf paradise, so do not forget to bring your clubs. There are several renowned courses within half an hour’s drive and it is possible to play almost any time of the year.